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The New Fastest Way to Make Money Online

The New Fastest Way to Make Money Online This is the newest and fastest way to generate millions online that most people have not caught on to yet or is not informed about but is growing moreand more popular online worldwide This isn’t any scam or get rich quickscam no guru junkware you can learn […]


If U have serious CREDIT PROBLEMS and need a Vehicle soon then we can help U! We offer NO MONEY DOWN Programs and we’ll put your first payment off for up to 45 days. Check us out today and let us help U! WE UNDERSTAND. CLICK HERE NOW! Visit our website NOW for Zero Down! […]

Simplify. Organize. Relax. Project and monthly rates (Dallas)

Call today to discuss your ongoing and/or one-off project needs. Tired of looking at the boxes filled with backlogged work. Looking to reduce expenses and keep more of your money? Professional, prompt and courteous assistance with your accounting, bookkeeping, audit/pre-audit needs. Employee training services, time-management and organization skills instructions and assistance. Call today, and put […]


☼IRS TAX PROBLEMS—GIVE US A CALL TODAYGive us a call we will help you out!Craig A. Lloyd, CPACLloydGroup.com858.751.4661 We live in an increasingly do-it-yourself world, with access to tax information through the internet, and technology seemingly designed to make our lives easier. We all want to take more control and save more money. As a […]

Be Aware !!! Scam Alert !!! (Chandler, Az… so he says…)

Be Aware !!! Scam Alert !!! Name: Jaren Parham — (so he says it is)Location: Chandler, Az — (so he says he is there)Phone: 1 (520) 727-4701Email: He claims that: If you send him money (up to 500.00 USD, then can return it to you with an additional “0” behind it), and he can […]

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