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ARE YOU FACING FORECLOSURE? OWN YOUR HOME FREE AND CLEAR! To make extra billions of dollars as they resold mortgages over and over, the banks were not paying to register the deeds of trust in the county where a home was located. Mortgages ended up in trusts with investors all over the world and when […]

No More getting Denied! Take your Car home now!

no more dealing with dealers who supposedly finance any credit score. Obtain financing before you decide on a car dealer and/or vehicle. Once you obtain an approval you dictate what car YOU want to ride and how much you want to put down. Financing offered for individuals with past bankruptcies, repossessions, open notes, and all […]

The End of getting turned away! Ride where you want now! (Harlem / Morningside)

The end of working with car dealers who claim they work with any credit history. Find financing prior to selecting a dealership or auto. The minute you have financing you decide what automobile you desire to buy and what you choose to pay up front. Loans offered for individuals with previous bankruptcies, repossessions, open notes, […]

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Lowest Auto Insurance Rates In Town! (800.805.0787)

United Direct Insurance offers cheap auto insurance that meets your minimum coverage requirements. If you’ve been looking for reliable car insurance, look no further! You can obtain an auto insurance quote for free with us within minutes! If you are on a budget, United Direct Insurance will help keep you covered for less – Call […]

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