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Business 50-100k Funding In 30 Days- Bad Credit Ok/ Cpns – $150 ((((GUARANTEED (C)-(P)-(N) FUNDING))))

((@)))___Citi 6.5k 2009 post 29th of every month $ 475

((@)))__Citi 16.5k 2010 post end of every month $ 520

((@)))__Citi 3k 2013 post end of every month $ 385

((@)))__go to tradeline411(dot)com or call
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((@)))__Tri-merged CPN $ 150 Funding Packages

((@)))__CPN # w/3 AUs 18k-20k funding 15% backend fee

((@)))__CPN # w/2 AUs and 2 primaries 40k- 50k funding 15% backend fee

((@)))__Call for expanded primary and AU list >>
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