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A DIRECT Lender offering an Unsecured Installment Loan (not an LOC)
$ 5,000 to $ 35,000 Personal/Signature Loan (3 or 5 year term, monthly payments)

Underwriting Requirements:

1. 660 or higher Trans Union Credit Score CHECK SCORE AT (

2. No more than 2 recent credit inquiries in last 60 days

3. Debt ratios of 25% or less (monthly payments divided by gross income)
> Note: Mortgage PITI or rental payment is NOT calculated in ratio
> Only “Verifiable and Documented Income” is used for this ratio calculation
> Loan can be used for consolidation to meet ratios
> Can also be used for business, auto purchase, personal reasons, etc.

4. FREE consultation for clients…no fees until client is qualified

5. Rates range from 6.9% to 24.9%…better rates are driven by higher credit scores, lower debt ratios and greater job stability

6. Loan decisions are made by computers, and occur within seconds

7. If loan offer is accepted by client, funding takes place quickly (3 to 14 days)

Step One. . .determine if your Trans Union Score is at least 660
If you meet the minimum score requirement, a debt ratio analysis takes place
If your credit score is below 660; if you have made recent credit inquiries; if your debt ratios do not meet the minimum underwriting guidelines of the Lender, THERE IS NO CHARGE!
If you meet the minimum underwriting guidelines, and you choose to apply for the unsecured loan, a $ 500 deposit is required. Payments can be made online by credit card, debit card or PayPal. Checks and money orders are also accepted by mail. Cash will only be accepted in person (not by mail).
If you are denied a loan, the entire $ 500 fee is refunded.
If you are approved for a loan, but you choose not to accept the loan because of terms you are not comfortable with, 50% of the $ 500 fee will be refunded. The $ 250 charge will be an earned financial services and consulting fee.
If you choose to take the loan, the $ 500 fee will be an earned financial services and consulting fee.
A Financial Services Agreement will be entered in to if the Client decides to apply for a loan, however this only takes place after it is determined the Client meets the minimum 660 Trans Union credit score, that minimum debt ratios are met, and that recent credit inquiries have not taken place.

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  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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