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I am an ADP partner and if a company is using ADP, I can give them better pricing and they can keep using ADP. I become the biller and the CSR. They call with to resolve problems instead of ADP. This pricing is somewhat higher since I don’t make as much. But, I don’t have to do much either. ADP DOES EVERYTHING except billing and support. This price is fixed. $ 35/PR run + $ 2/EE PER LOCATION. This differs from me where all locations of an EIN will be run together. ADP won’t do that. (That’s their way of ensuring profit from me the Retailer.) So, a restaurant chain with 10 locations and 15 employees will pay $ 65/PR/STORE. ($ 650 for the period.) If I did it and ALL LOCATIONS were under one EIN, I would charge $ 30 + 50*$ 2+100*1.75 = $ 305 (+ $ 8/loc for check delivery). So, the most they would pay would be $ 385 for the period about HALF what ADP charges.

One last item. For really small outfits, I can do payroll here in my office WITH direct deposit. The down side is, there is no employee portal BUT I can email paystubs. Let’s say a small office of 5 wants everyone to be on DD but can’t afford a full blown service bureau and doesn’t need a web-based system. In this case, DD costs me $ 1.50 ea. So, I would charge $ 15-20 per payroll even though it costs me $ 7.50. This is ALL on DD. All taxes are still paid electronically and reports are filed electronically.

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