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Personal services:
• Fast credit repair within 45 days.
• Primary seasoned tradelines up to 7 years and up to $ 60,000. Revolving and Auto (open or closed). All 3 bureaus.
• Cheap authorized users posted to all 3 bureaus.
• Personal loans 50K-400K
Personal loans can be done with no documents up to 150K. Yet for maximum unsecured funding with cash money loans up to 400K, paystubs and W2 will be a must.
Business services:

• Business funding up to 150K without documents ( our aged/shelf corps or existing corp./business)
• Business funding up to 960K+ :
—- Bank statements loans or/and
○Credit card merchant’s statements loans or/and
○No recourse accounts receivable
○Conventional bank loans: business tax returns
Also we offer:
Shelf and aged clean corporation with article of corporation:
Corporate kit;
DNB profile
Foreign registration if needed;
411 listing
Virtual address( no home business/ no mail boxes ). We need commercial address
Basic Website
○○○○○○○○vvvv Build your business credit fast with our Business tradelines up to 100K to DNB, EQ EX. Reporting is done within days

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