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Why shouldn’t clients order exactly what they want in the time frame they need it? We took our cues from our favorite restaurants, where service is part of the brand promise. We are confident that we too can deliver that same level of service by customizing exactly how and when we provide medical billing support.
Need help with your aging, interested in claim status only, wishing you could hire someone part-time to get you through the next round of code updates? With Cg Healthcare Products Medical Billing as your partner, you can pick and choose exactly how we help solve your most worrisome billing problems. Looking for something not listed on the menu? Just let us know, at Cg Healthcare Products Medical billing, we will customize every aspect of our service until clients are completely satisfied.

Every health care organization depends upon the timely collection of accounts receivables to expedite cash flow and maintain good financial health. Cg Healthcare Products past due receivables follow-up services are designed to increase cash flow, reduce write-offs and speed up collections.

Cg Healthcare Products services provide healthcare organizations advanced technology and customer service that provides patients with a clear understanding of their financial obligations to the doctors that provide them care. Our team will send out your monthly statements or prepare accounts for collections.

All too often, insurance companies find ways to avoid or delay payment for legitimate medical claims. As a result, doctors and other health care professionals often write off otherwise collectable debt rather than wage a long and expensive battle to appeal the insurance company’s decision.
Cg Healthcare Products appeal services provide a means for doctors to improve revenue and cash flow by collecting money that they don’t have the time or in-house resources to collect themselves. Cg Healthcare Products appeal techniques are innovative and effective.

Cg Healthcare Products allows practices to free up staff time and meet vital deadlines.

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