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Taking advantage of my services will allow you to focus your valuable time and energy on building your life and business. You will also have the confidence of having an experienced professional handling all of your general bookkeeping needs. Clients served include:

1.- Individuals experiencing a life change (widows and widowers, divorcees, etc.).
2.- Seniors citizens.
3.- Frequent travelers.
4.- Busy professionals as well as freelance workers by maintaining their books and preparing their financial statements.
5.- Dual income couples and busy families.

It is very important that all your records are in order for the tax season. My knowledge and experience in the accounting profession will allow you to keep all of your records in order to be in compliance with applicable business standards.

I offer a variety of services, which includes for following but is not limited to:
1. Organizing files and paperwork, maintaining organizational systems for easy information retrieval (investment records, documents for tax preparation, etc.)
2. Open and sort mails.
3. Review and analyze bills.
4. Prepare checks for signing and mailing.
5. Balance checks.
6. Prepare and deliver bank deposits.
7. Payroll records for household employees.
8. Reconciliation of bank and credit card statements.
9. Budget and cash flow management.
10. QuickBooks accounting software will categorize your expenses with a chart of accounts to help your tax return.

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