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$3,000,000 Funding Made Easy!!!

Our $ 3,000,000 funding program is as SIMPLE as 1 2 3 and by us doing the whole process in-house your able to not only enjoy the great direct pricing but, your also able to enjoy the great direct service.

 The Process:

1. You submit Our Agreement along with the $ 5,000 upfront fee (that’s paid through credit card)

2. Then your deal is processed and we start transfering the Aged Corporation into your name (can vary usually 14-20 days)

3. Then we add a Personal Guarantor to your deal (someone with a 800 credit score)

4. Then funding is achieved (using our in-house private investors, hedge funds, and banks)

5. Then we place the funds at either a Chase Bank or Bank of America (that’s who you’ll make your monthly payments to)

6. Then we send you the package (containing your Aged Corporation documents, funding documents, bank signature card, and check book with your debit card)

Completion Time: 30-45 Calendar days

LOC Term: 5-8% fixed 30 year

Fee: $ 5,000 upfront & 5% backend

Bill Blade
Sales Associate
Fast Corp Funding
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