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Entrepreneurs and their Big Dreams. FREE Movie (San Antonio)

(Read this. If you are looking for an answer or two, Read this more than once.)

The dreams of most workers / job holders include these items:

  • to have good, quality time with their families, so they can enjoy them every single day.
  • to have a nice home (and good schools) in a good neighborhood.
  • to have enough money so they can buy their spouse, kids, parents, etc. some “extras” in life.
  • have the $ $ $ in your pocket to pay for a cart full of groceries or an auto repair on the spot.
  • take their family on a nice out of state vacation (every year) and not have to worry about the cost.
  • to be able to give someone in need, $ 100 – without hesitation.
  • Now this is a life you can share!
  • ➣ If you can still dream great dreams, if you are brave enough to improve yourself,
    ➣ if you are ready to give your family (& yourself) the hope of a better life …
    ➣ I have a FREE movie for you to watch.
    This movie will show you where you are right now, and it will show you how to advance yourself.
    This will encourage you and give you a plan to get to where you want to be.

    NOW I will not give this to just anyone (see Matthew 7:6). This is for builders, not destroyers.

    If you want access to this FREE movie (this isn’t some crummy internet “flash” presentation),
    Call me at
    show contact info
    and let’s talk for a few moments. I will give you access.
    Or e-mail me. Share with me who you are, where you are right now, and where do you want to go.

    If you are not a dreamer, if you are a deceiver, there is someone I want to you meet.
    HE is greater than your problems. HE is our only hope. He is #1.
    Harry Otto
    (San Antonio – 78254).

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