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Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit Bad Credit For Cards for Bad Credit (Pennsylvania Area)

You can chose from up to 17 Companies

Just Pay a Little fee and you on you way to rebuilding your credit

$ 20.00 Fee

Also Includes Secured Cards and Prepaid Cards

Looking for credit cards for bad credit?

Looking for Secured Cards and Prepaid Cards?

The following list of credit cards, secured credit cards, and

prepaid cards are designed for people with bad credit or less than perfect credit.

Compare cards and choose from both secured and unsecured fee-based credit card offers below.

Want to learn more about credit cards for bad credit? Get helpful tips & advice from our experts.

Secured Cards vs. Prepaid Cards

Prepaid debit cards are another option for people with bad credit, because they provide users the

convenience of plastic without having any credit requirements. Prepaid debit cards do not provide

access to lines of credit, so good credit isn’t required to get one.

You just need the cash to load on to the card. (Be sure to pay attention to the fees!)

It’s important to remember, however, that prepaid debit cards do not help users build credit.

So if you have bad credit and are looking for a tool to help improve your standing, a prepaid card is

not the right tool for that.

•Excellent Credit (750+)

•Good Credit (700-749)

•Fair Credit (650-699)

•Poor Credit (600-649)

•Bad Credit (below 599)

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