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Make 139% Trading – Oracle – Right Now Ahead of EARNINGS ! (Houston)

Make 139% Trading – Oracle – Right Now Ahead of EARNINGS !"/>

I am looking for 10 serious people who have 10k to 20k (RIGHT NOW) with a brokerage or be willing to fund the account to trade stock options now, and make 5x to 10x your money by 6/1/2015. We have a proven record for trading for our clients, and will gladly release those results to you upon request. All I request in your reply, is a brief reply informing me of what you have (CASH ON HAND) to trade – TODAY – (NOT WHAT YOU ANTICIPATE 30 DAYS FROM TODAY), and what broker are the funds to trade with, and I will supply the details of the offer based on which option suits you best, being we would enter into a trading agreement to trade your account for a consulting fee that reflects the option of a percentage that you can choose, if you were opting to get started with a consulting fee in advance or without one. If you want to get started, email me back asap, (NO- TIME WASTERS – OR WINDOW LOOKERS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!) – looking to take their time to ACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, because when I receive the next (10) clients pursing and acting upon my offer, I will delete my post, and never repost this endorsement highlighting the claims presented today. – Sihle James Holdings L.L.C.
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