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We will lower your rate or pay you $250

If you own a business and are tired of all the games and hidden fees associated with credit card processing we would like to hear from you. We are a global processing firm that gets our rates directly from Interchange. We pay less so our clients pay less…period. Never an annual fee, set up fee, or monthly fee for service. As long as you treat our equipment the right way if something goes wrong we will put replacement gear in the mail for you that day and let you go through our website to keep processing while you are down. False promises are made all the time in business and our company does everything in our power to avoid that…at all costs. If you are currently or would like to start processing credit and debit cards with your business and would like a cost free evaluation please contact me. Do some research on your own first by all means so you know when I tell you that all of our products are “EMV” compliant and “PCI” compliant and will always be as long as we work with you. CD Worldpay is a company that is changing the way business is done and we are proud to offer affordable rates with the freedom for you to part company at anytime if you aren’t completely satisfied. From the software to Point of Sale Systems, Credit Card Terminals and online Shopping Carts everything we represent is retail quality at wholesale prices and we put it in writing.

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