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I know that you can win money in the casino once you learn my secret strategy (very easy to master), AND which game to play…the one most players totally ignore.

I have spent the last 40 years and countless thousands of hours developing a very consistent mathematically repeatable way to beat the casino at the BACCARAT TABLES where more money is made and lost than at any other game in the world. It is commonplace for me to earn 30-100% on my money in a single day. How long would that take at your BANK?

Would you go back to your J.O.B. next Monday if you were SURE you could make $ 500-$ 1,000 a day in the casino of your choice?

The main causes of failure in the casino are lack of discipline, fear and greed. However, the biggest missing ingredient is the fact that 99.999% of all players do NOT have a consistent systematic method composed of the two main ingredients of success…BS and MM. BS stands for Bet Selection and MM is Money Management.

It has taken me over 40 years to put all of these requirements together for success in the casino.

Here is some information about baccarat you may not know.

First, baccarat is now a game for ALL players with big or SMALL bankrolls. Contrary to popular belief, Baccarat is NOT a game just for “high rollers.”

Second, the rules could not be more simple. They are FIXED and the outcome is NEVER influenced by other players (if you are a blackjack player you know what this could mean to the outcome of your bet) or the DEALER.

The following is an article I wrote for my students who did not understand all the advantages this game holds over ALL the other table games in the casino.

______________________Why The Smart Players Play Baccarat_____________________________

Let’s ponder an important question and that is “why baccarat”? Why are we focusing on baccarat instead of. . .say. . . craps, roulette or even the ever popular blackjack?

There are several excellent reasons to choose baccarat over all the other casino games when you understand what should be your MAIN goal for being in the casino. You are not in the casino to have fun or just to pass the time of day. You are there for one reason only — TO MAKE MONEY — period!

Does that mean you cannot make money with the other games? No, it can be done but why not give yourself every possible edge and advantage while in the casino? Here are the main reasons, in our opinion, that baccarat is the choice for serious and educated gamblers.

_____________Five Reasons Baccarat Is The Best Game For Casino Profits___________________

1- The bet spread or “range” from the lowest table minimum to table max is the best in baccarat. In some casinos the spread is 1-1000 meaning you can bet as little as $ 15 table minimum all the way up to the table max of $ 15,000!

Try finding that kind of spread at a blackjack table. Even if you could find it, you would attract tons of casino “heat” from the staff because when your bet spread goes much beyond 1-3, they think you are a card counter.

2- You sit the whole time you play baccarat unlike craps where you must stand the whole time you play. Yes, you do sit at the roulette and blackjack tables but you are expected to bet on almost EVERY decision which gives you a very definite DISADVANTAGE. Remember, our goal is to play with the highest player advantages.

3- Next consideration is the house edge which is ALWAYS working against your chances of going home a winner. IF you could find a favorable blackjack game with good penetration, and are a top notch card counter, you could have an actual advantage over the casino of 1-1.5% long term.

If you have a large enough bankroll, the patience of a saint and don’t get barred, you could do well playing blackjack.

Craps is the next game with a house edge of slightly less than -1.5% (-1.41 playing the pass line and -1.40 playing the don’t pass). Roulette enjoys a house edge of a whopping -5.26% which is almost five times baccarat which has a house edge as low as -1.09%. That is as close to a coin toss as you can get. A house edge of 1.09% does not sound like much, but it is.

Our method is unique in that it can win using FLAT BETS. No other system sold anywhere dares make that claim. Because you will win flat betting. . .you can become a consistent winner with our researched and live play-proven method. Our largest bet is only TWO units!

4- Another important consideration is “turnover.” That means how many decisions can we wager on in a given time period such as an hour? Craps decisions come very erratically. The decisions (pass/don’t pass) can happen every 20 seconds to literally every 30 MINUTES when a hot shooter holds the dice. Roulette decisions can take up to 5 minutes between spins if the table is full and the dealer must sort his own chips. Baccarat is perfect for the player looking to get the maximum number of decisions per hour in an evenly spaced time spread of about 45 seconds to a minute on average. AND, you can control the “pace” of the decisions in most games by making small token bets for the dealers — the will love you for doing that and will wait for you in the hopes you will also be making a wager for them. You can also ASK them to slow down because you need more time. They are usually very helpful.

5- This one is for the veteran blackjack players. In spite of spending countless hours practicing your card counting. . . how many times have you been at the table and lost 2-3-4-5-6. . .etc, decisions in a row to an unbelievably lucky dealer who keeps beating you with blackjacks, 7 card 21’s and other “bad beats”? Have you ever said “if I could bet WITH the dealer, I would own this place?” Well that is EXACTLY what the game of baccarat allows you to do.

You can bet for the “players” to win or the “House (Bank) to win. It is a very simple game to learn. The rules are not even necessary to learn because neither the dealer or other players at the table, can, in any way affect the outcome of any decision. We will teach you the rules of the game because some dealers DO make mistakes and you need to know if that happens.

Those are some of the main reasons that, as a professional gambler, I play baccarat.

I can make you a winner too. All that is needed is the right attitude, belief that it is possible (in spite of what your own past failures tell you) and the willingness to invest in yourself.

If you could find another business opportunity that DOES NOT involve:

Selling anything, employees, a physical location, insurance, endless compliance with local state and government agencies, MLM, set hours you must work (my “office” is open 24/7/365 and I show up for “work” when I feel like it), WHERE you must work (I can literally work anywhere in the world), huge franchise fees (I checked Krispy Kreme Donuts out once and they want 2.5 million to get started), getting home late from work and upsetting your significant other, working your butt off and NOT being appreciated or rewarded for your hard work…the list is endless…would you be interested?

My business does involve being in complete control of your life and finances, dependent on no one else.

What kind of price tag would you put on that kind of opportunity?

I have spent the last 40 years and spent well over $ 50,000 buying training and systems in order to arrive where I am now – a consistent winner. I am offering to save you all the time, grief, shattered dreams and money it has cost me. I can not count the times I gave up thinking…” it can’t be done.”

Fortunately, persistence is the only way to succeed in most important parts of your life. Just as Thomas Edison when he tried and failed almost 10,000 times trying to come up with a material for the filament in his light bulb.

I could charge a very high fee and it would be worth every penny. However, the average player could not afford that. If a high fee was my goal, I would be advertising in Robb Report or the Wallstreet Journal where the high rollers hang out.

For more information about how you too can win “change your life money” call or text me at
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I wish you the very best and hope to see you “at the tables” some day.

To Darker Colored Chips,

Dr. Tom (aka the BacDoctor)

Give me a call or text at
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to discuss this opportunity in detail.

1 – Will you give me your personal phone number (not one of your “training associates”) and can I call you before, during and after I purchase your system with any question or concern I might have?

MY NUMBER IS 717-52-1267 and I am available 24/7 to help my students.

2 – What percentage of shoes do you win? It should be at least 80% WITHOUT a risky Martingale type betting progression where one losing shoe wipes out all your previous winnings. Every losing shoe should not cost you many more losing unts than your average winning shoe. I win 91% of my shoes averaging 8 units won and my losing shoes average 7 units lost.

3 – What is the required lifetime bankroll for your system? My lifetime bankroll is just 50 units because my bets are so conservative.

4 – How many units are you willing to risk in one shoe? I never risk more than 10 units in a shoe.

5 – What is your largest single bet? Some sellers have no trouble telling you to risk 5, 8, 10 or more units in a single bet. My LARGEST WAGER IS 2 UNITS!

6 – Do you play as a full time professional or is this just a hobby for you? My wife and I play full time in casinos all over the country. It’s the best job ever because we love to travel and what could be better than making money anywhere you travel to a casino?

7 – If a system seller offers to you to the casino AFTER your training, and offers to let you play his system with HIS money as a “Selling Point” ask your self this question…Isn’t that money he is going to let me play with the SAME MONEY you just paid him earlier for your training? And I guarantee you, he will insist you play at the lowest table limit game so you do minimal damage to his new bankroll in the event you lose.

Give me a call or text at
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to discuss this opportunity in detail.

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