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Looking for a partner to fund investment opportunity! 15% to 80% &UP$ (Financial District)

Looking for partners to invest in a strong investment that has returns monthly from 15% to 85% of initial investment in one month.
$ 100,000 dollar investment can return monthly any where from $ 2500 to 17,500 or more based on provable history. Below is the last months of earnings for 2014 and what you would have made as my partner (Funding source).

Below is the history for the last months of contracts purchased and sold in 2014.

August: Gain $ 49,000 Lost $ 37,500=$ 11,500 60/40 split
Trading partners $ 6,900 Investors $ 4,600 split=$ 2,300 each (Funding source and Myself)

September: Gain $ 82,000 Lost $ 24,000=$ 58,000 60/40 split
Trading partners $ 34,800 investors $ 23,200 split=$ 11,600 each (Funding source and Myself)

October: Gain $ 107,300 Lost $ 23,500=$ 83,800 60/40 split
Trading partners $ 50,280 Investors $ 33,520 split=$ 16,760 each (Funding source and Myself)

November: Gain $ 65,000 Lost $ 20,000= $ 45,000 60/40 split
Trading partner $ 27,000 Investors $ 18,000 split= $ 9,000 each (Funding source and Myself)

December: Gain $ 49,700 Lost $ 32,000=$ 17,700 60/40 split
Trading partner $ 10,620 Investors $ 6,380 split= $ 3190 each (Funding source and Myself)

I hope that I have answered as many questions as possible and will answer any that you might have in the future. If you like what I have shown you and would like to partake in a conference call or actually visit with our trading partners this can be arranged.

The future is at our door step, all you have to do is take the first step.
If your looking for a strong return VS what the rest are offering than send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP! All possible investors will have to sign a NDA before any information will be released.
Please send Name and phone number. No number, No response.

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