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Credit Repair Dispute Letters- $5!

Are creditors calling you, your family, and your job? Are you unable to get a loan? I can help.

While I cannot guarantee that you will be able to get items removed from your credit report, I can provide the same format of letters credit repair companies send to dispute debts- for a fraction of the cost! Even on Craigslist, credit repair agencies charge hundreds of dollars to help repair your credit. Would you rather pay hundreds or just $ 5 per letter to mail it yourself?

What I provide:

Fill-in the blank formatting of a MS Word letter to dispute the debt in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. These are not simple 1 paragraph template letters- I provide substantial letters which include legal citations for any areas of Federal law that are applicable to the specific type of credit dispute(s) you have.


As a legal professional, I must warn you that anything you say on the phone to a creditor can be held against you- this is why letters are a safer and traceable route! To begin, I suggest that you pull your credit reports from Equifax, Transunion, and Experian.

If you are receiving phone calls from creditors, I also have letter formats to stop them from calling you or anyone you know on behalf of a debt.

Life can be better. My methods are proven- contact me today!

I sell on Fiverr, a freelance website that partners with paypal so your transaction is safe! I also do credit analysis and business consulting- inbox me on Fiverr if you need assistance in other areas.

About me: I am a Paralegal, published Freelance Writer, and Management Consultant with a M.B.A, M.S. in Management, and a B.A. in History. I have over a decade of experience in the legal profession and as a Consultant of College Prep. and Business/Financial Management. How may I help you?

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