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There are steps you can take to ensure that each time a new “credit picture” is taken, it shows your best side. By observing the following guidelines, you can influence your credit worthiness for the better and learn how to establish a credit report you can be proud of:

Pay all your bills on time. Late payments, collections, foreclosure and bankruptcies have the greatest negative effect on your credit score. If you have not paid credit items on time in the past do not let that stop you from changing your ways.

The sooner you get things on track the faster you can repair bad credit. From the point of view of the credit reporting bureaus you may want to note that ‘late’ usually means 30 days late. This means your goal should be to pay things before the due date, the next best choice becomes avoiding the late fee date, perhaps at 10 or 15 days late.

The most important date for avoiding a bad credit report starts with missing a payment by 30 days. To keep a clean credit report it helps to understand what is bad credit

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