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~Remove ANY bad Credit + Add Good Credit ~ (Philadelphia)

Remove ANY bad Credit + Add Good Credit

OUR Success rate is 80-90% on EVERYTHING we challenge/Dispute!!!
Compared to (#1 credit repair company has a success rate of about 59%)

 Extremely fast turn around time to get the file “loan close-able” (2 Different Credit Clean-up Programs In-House)

 1. Express Program- Remove all derogatory info/clients with extremely BAD CREDIT ALLOW 90-120 days to be “loan close-able”, very affordable for all Brokers/ Not another credit program like it!!!

 2. Broker Program- File is Cleaned in approx. 30 Days from the enrollment/submission date/ we will remove anything but “CHILD SUPPORT DEROGS”


 3. TRADELINES- Now 200+ AU Lines at the start of each month…  that post every time! (We are dealing with people that own the accounts/Not a 3rd or 4th Party Reseller)That means you will not find a better price on the lines ANYWHERE and we work with serious brokers on price once you are PART OF THE FAMILY…

(There are 3 different levels and 2 different types of primary tradelines that are available for purchase) There are 4-5 different levels and 4 different types of primary tradelines that are available for purchase
Revolving Lines 
Installment Lines

Automobile Lines

Mortgage Lines

And we have package deals with both…

We also email all brokers/clients a list of weekly updates; available trade-lines that have OPEN spots AND # of spots left; along with statement/posting date info (example- Which trades will post on which days and the time frame brokers will see the trades on their clients reports…( Important so you have a much more accurate assessment of when your client will be loan close-able) which ultimately will depend on the factors we just mentioned coupled with expert advice

 No matter what we say, people reading our marketing ad are always going to think… “Too good to be true” OK… Right. We get it! We hear it every day! That’s why our reputation in the marketplace will speak for itself… ALONG WITH the many 1000’s of clients who have joined the family over the past 10+ years. We are Blessed to be in a position to be a Blessing for many others.

 We will put all those concerns to rest RIGHT AWAY TO GAIN YOUR BUSINESS FOR LIFE (Reason we will clean 1st CREDIT FILE @ NO CHARGE FOR SERIOUS BROKERS) This is a program for people looking for a REAL FOUNDATION in the Financial Services Industry !!!!!!!!!!!


 ***We WILL approve 1 file at no charge, ALL 3 Bureaus, for SERIOUS PROFESSIONALS looking for a ‘Reliable and Trustworthy’ home to submit future files
 (Minimum of 3 files needed) for approval means we will not do your file ONLY for no charge.  Must have 3+ to qualify for the free file which ALL SERIOUS BROKERS HAVE!

 We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Check, Money Order, Pay Pal, Safe Funds, Chase Quick Pay, And Cash IN PERSON with ID.

 Thank You Very Much 
 Have a Blessed Day!

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