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Hello I am a 28 year old single pregnant woman. i recently lost my job and i dont really have anyone to help me with finances that are due. i have rent and some unpaid bills i am unable to pay. due to me being pregnant there are only so many limited things i can do but i will do anything to get some assistance! clean offices do housework babysit anything!! i am gonna be evicted if i dont have this unpaid rent paided up asap because i will be 2 months behind and if i lose my apartment i wont have anywhere to go!! please help me!!i am havin no luck with finding a job and i have put in tons of apps and called numerous agencies for help but noone is able to help me at this time! i can verify proof if needed about unpaid balances and job loss so you will know i am a honest woman and this is NO SCAM!! i do not wanna be homeless please help with any penny you can at this time! please no pervs!!! i have been through enough if you email me please be willing to help me this is not a game!!! its too cold for me and my baby to be out in the streets and i just fixed my credit and really dont want to lose my apartment! If you can could you please email me with your number for faster response time? Thank you so much in advance and god bless!!!
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