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Increase your Credit Scores and live well! (Philly area / suburbs / USA)


I’ve been restoring & repairing personal Credit files professionally for the past 6+ years & I can help you to improve your Credit standing and increase your Credit Scores as quickly as possible, and faster than you think.

My service is better than any you will find, for this simple reason: I approach the Credit Score on the whole and I offer a comprehensive, highly effective plan for moving forward and getting my clients every point possible asap.

My Credit Restoration service includes:
— An advanced and aggressive process for securing the permanent deletion of all types of negative Credit Report accounts (Debt collections, Repossessions, Charge-offs, Credit cards, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, etc.) While repaying these negative accounts typically does not increase Scores, deleting them definitely does, so I’m able to save my clients $ 1,000s and years they’d otherwise have to live with subprime credit.
— Professional yet practical techniques that are designed and proven to maximize your Credit Score increases, get you every point possible as soon as possible, and also help you understand how to always keep your Scores high & steady on your own, for life.

My service truly is the best of it’s kind- it’s comprehensive & customized. I offer flat rate pricing based on the total # of negative accounts to delete, which is paid in 2-3 payments. Of course, you have to see deletions & exciting progress before 2nd payment. I do really great work. I’m always bluntly honest and straightforward on expectations and progress with my clients. I have 1,000’s of pages of current and previous clients’ Credit Report deletions (with personal info redacted) and have developed many referral relationships professionally and personally – often from this Craigslist ad.

My proven techniques help my clients increase their Scores, which enable them to get approved for lines of credit, loans for houses and cars, accepted for new employment, and generally live well, with their Credit Scores empowering them to enjoy the best in life. I’d truly be happy to do the same for you.

You will not find a better Credit Restoration service anywhere, nor a better value. After seeing my impressive results, nearly every client refers a friend / family member, and my reputation has helped me to continually grow.

Thanks for reading, now give me a call & let’s do this!

Questions welcome always – please only sincere inquiries and please don’t call after 9pm eastern time.
Shannon: 609.315.434zero -this is my NJ cell # I’ve had since 1999. I’m originally from S. Jersey, I’ve lived and worked in far NE Philly since 2008. I’m proud to have clients from all over the US, as I utilize a variety of Federal and State Credit Reporting laws.

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