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Territory Rights Deal (PA)

Here’s the big picture –

A $ 5,000.00 secured investment is required
and your investment will be returned in about
three (3) months.

You can realistically make $ 91,000 or more in
Royalty Payments over the course of one year.

Huge Potential ROI with Little Risk, if any for
passive income.

Not an Oil and Gas Deal, Trading Program or
Proof of Funds Deal and there are no tapes,
books or DVDs to buy.

Your Collateral will include an option on the
contract(s) and a $ 5,000.00 CNA Insurance
Company backed bond.

No tire kickers, brokers, finders or broke azzzzes,
you must have the $ 5,000 (in hand) to invest for
about three months and you must be the decision
maker (if you have to talk to a partner, your lover
or wife then you are not the decision maker but
talking to your lawyer or accountant is advised
and recommended) and you can move forward
if everything checks out in one to two weeks
(you are not waiting for a closing, a social
security check, money owed to you and the
Holiday Season is not an excuse for you to
delay moving forward on a good business deal)

If you qualify send your full name and contact info
including your phone number and best time to call.

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