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Top Investor & Entrepreneur wants to invest in YOUR Business or Idea

Top Investor & Entrepreneur wants to invest in YOUR Business or Idea

Do you have a great idea that is burning inside of you? And all you need is
an investor to help you get it going?
Mr. Investor is currently seeking profitable business endeavors. This 3-time
successful business owner started from nothing and owns three very lucrative
companies that carry no loans and zero debt. He is not seeking to invest cash nor
work directly on the job. Instead, Mr. Investor will put up the start-up capital, his
skills and experience to get your business off the ground and running. He will
become a part owner in the company to ensure its success.
3 Types of Investors qualify for this opportunity.
1. A business that is currently operational, but that you wish to grow and
make more profitable.
2. A brand new concept that you have dreamed to do, even if right now it is
nothing more than just a great idea.
3. A desire to open a new business or become an entrepreneur.
Who is Mr. Investor?
Mr. Investor came to the United States as an immigrant. After graduating college,
he set out in his car and with only $ 100 to his name to launch his first business.
He now owns three successful companies in Las Colinas and Addison, TX, all of
which are debt-free and so is he. Mr. Investor has a natural aptitude for success
in business and a lot of experience to help others on their start-ups.
What is the next step?
1. Fill out the lead inquiry to receive a brief questionnaire about your idea.
We can sign an NDA if it makes you feel more comfortable.
2. Upon receiving the questionnaire, please fill it out and return it as soon
as possible.
3. If you qualify and Mr. Investor likes your business idea, you will be
called upon for a meeting in person at his headquarters in Dallas, TX.

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