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credit sweep and funding (Chicago)

Credit Sweep and 50-150K in Funding in 21-45 days

The process cleans your Equifax, Experian and Transunion reports of all negative items and then allows you to obtain unsecured funding in the forms of revolving lines of credit and credit cards.

The Equifax process takes 10-30 days depending on how involved the removals are.

The process is perfectly legal and is based on the credit protection laws.
• Negative Items start to come off in as little as 1 to 4 days. (It takes about 30 days to complete the process).
• All items are deleted permanently.
• The program is designed to clean up your credit by removing derogatory information.
• Results will post on all three credit bureaus.
• Payment for the program is made with credit card.
• ANY and ALL negative items will be removed from your report or you will receive your money back.
*We have seen amazing results using this program on our own reports.
Getting Started:
In order to get started we need the signed contract, a copy of your drivers’ license, down payments, and login information for credit report from Once we have these items, we can start your process.

You may need to have additional trade lines (lines of credit, revolving accounts, mortgage, auto history,) added to your report once it is clean, depending on how many positive items you have left on your report. These additional lines help to boost your credit score and history. There is a separate cost for this. Trade lines run from $ 600-$ 800 on average and can be paid for with a credit card.

The back-end fees for the funding are 15% of the amount you receive, paid from the proceeds you receive. For example, if you receive funding in the amount of $ 60,000, you will receive unsecured credit in the amount of $ 54,600. The remaining $ 5,400 goes to pay your fees for receiving the funding. You do not have to pay this amount out of pocket.
The lines of credit are revolving, so you can pay it back and then use it again.
The cost to clean up all 3 credit bureaus is $ 2,500 which can be paid by credit card.

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