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Our Loan Program is project driven and not based on borrower’s credit.

10 to 1, Bank Deposit, non-recourse funding, 5 year loan, 5% rate
2.5MM to 10MM for this program
This has to be used for project funding.
The loan is non-recourse to the individual, however, it is a recourse loan to the company.
The loan is approved based on the people in the deal and the deal needing the funding.
Examples of the types of projects that can be approved for this funding:
Construction projects
Restaurant expansion, refinance and start up
Solar and water energy company
Film deals
Music deals
Land Acquisition and land development
Oil expansion
Real estate refinances of balloon loans, partner buy out, etc.
Company expansion
Mining deals of various types
Resort financing
We cannot do this funding for trade programs. The funding has to be tied to a project.
For approved customers, we will provide the last funded customer contact info to be called for verification.
The deal funds in 31 banking days or less.
250,000 bank deposit required.
Loan amount funded to customer is $ 2,750,000.
Payments are interest only, paid quarterly.
To start, executive summary and resume on the principals for review.
No tax returns, personal financial statement, no credit is pulled. The deal is approved or denied based upon the people in the deal and the deal itself.

Matthew J Rosencrans
Rosencrans Property Solutions LLC

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